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Snifflock Gallon Single Bags (5 count)



  • DURABLE DESIGN: Our bags are made with premium, triple reinforced plastic to hold up to food, clothes, or anything else you need to store.
  • AIR TIGHT, ODOR PROOF: Snifflock Storage Bags zip air tight so as to keep odors in and mildew out. This is ideal for fish, chicken, or even sweaty gym socks.
  • EASY TO CLOSE: Our bags offer a “zipper” for easy, one-zip sealing. This double seal, air tight design ensures food stays fresher, longer.
  • LEAK PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Double sealed to ensure liquids can’t escape, Snifflock Bags are perfect for fruits, vegetables, meats and more.
  • VERSATILE STORAGE: Designed to work in the kitchen, the garage, the gym, or during your outdoor adventures, our durable, leak proof storage bags can hold up to the toughest challenge.

Product Description


When you need to keep your food fresher, longer, and your gym clothes from stinking up your car, turn to Snifflock Storage Bags.

There are a million reason why a good storage bag adds value to your everyday life. From the kitchen to the garage to the gym, it seems as if you always need a durable plastic bag to hold valuable items. And thanks to Snifflock, you can do that and much more.

Featuring durable, double zipper, triple layered sealed technology, our bags offer premium food-safe protection for foods of all kinds. And because they don’t let liquids or odors escape, they’re perfect for keeping things you want in, and things you don’t want, out. Designed to be sealed with a single, durable “zipper”, they’re easy to close, and offer supreme protection for all your perishable or personal items.

Features and benefits of Snifflock Bags:

  • Airtight, leak proof and odor proof
  • Heavy duty, triple-layered technology
  • Quart size
  • Food, personal storage, clothing, laundry, travel space, and much more

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Additional Information

Weight 6.65 oz
Dimensions 8 x 9 in

Clear plastic

Bag measurements

8 inches X 9 inches